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Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management

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Glasba’s Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management advisory service has been designed to help companies manage the financial risks associated with volatility in foreign exchange rates. We work directly with the management of companies and support decision-making with Independent & Impartial advice on treasury matters. We help companies develop strategies for financial risk management.

An extensive menu of customized risk management products along with Transaction execution services are part of Glasba’s comprehensive Treasury Consulting Service. 

Treasury review and optimization service
Risk Management
FX business consultancy
Hedging Solutions for External Commercial borrowing, Foreign currency term loans
Complete assistance for capital account remittance transactions like Private Equity, Foreign Direct Investments, Overseas Direct Investments
Treasury Audit Risk Management Advisory

We provide an independent review (third-eye) of banking and treasury operations. Glasba’s treasury review consulting service is a detailed assessment of current treasury operations which are benchmarked against industry best practices. Upon completion of the treasury review, Glasba will deliver a comprehensive report which will provide treasury best practice enhancements. It enables firms to manage market volatility so senior management can focus on core business objectives. 

With our Treasury Review and optimization service, we help you:

  • To minimize market risks including FX, Interest Rate, Commodity, Funding and Liquidity
  • To assess corporate level risk appetite and its alignment across treasury
  • To identify cost saving opportunities across banking and treasury
  • To streamline treasury processes and build operational efficiencies
  • To optimize the working capital cycle
  • Implement treasury best practice

Our treasury risk management policy is designed to provide reliable, timely, and current information on so that risk-handling activities can be planned as needed. This enables companies to mitigate any adverse impacts on company’s financials. With Glasba's risk management policy, we help senior leaders set the tone from the top. it also provides direction and support to all staff on effective risk management practices. These are maintained to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose and compliant with the regulatory framework.

  • Defining and communicating Treasury's risk appetite and behavioral expectations.
  • Integrating risk management into strategic planning and decision making.
  • Understanding business risks and opportunities and guiding staff to manage them.
  • Get systems of risk reporting in place to monitor critical risk. 

Glasba is your thought partner in making treasury decisions. FX Business Consultancy services are offered to help you hedge, manage, or invest in foreign currency denominated assets. We are best suited to assess the impact of FX volatility on your company’s bottom line.

Glasba is designed to help corporate sector achieve tactical and strategic goals. It applies to companies of all sizes and complexities. Global mind set and local experience of our team with deep sector knowledge powers our ability to answer your unique questions comprehensively, quickly, and effectively.

We provide advisory services for:

  • Businesses with imports, exports resulting in exposure to currency risk 
  • Borrowings in foreign currencies  resulting in exposure to currency and interest rate risk
  • Private Equity investments in foreign country or overseas investments in India resulting in need for foreign currency remittance and regulatory compliance



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