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Real Estate Advisory

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Glasba’s real estate advisor’s primary role is to help you maximize your real estate investments. This means we are constantly evaluating the market, new trends and technologies, zoning, and other influencing factors to help our clients take advantage of market shifts. We often help you manage your portfolio of real estate or even develop strategies for income producing properties. 

Glasba Real Estate Advisory Services help clients manage investments, nurture wealth and meet their financial objective in real estate

Construction Finance
Loan Against Property
Lease Rental Discounting
Arranger in Investors/Developer and Land Owner meet for JV/Outright deals
Construction Finance LAP Lease Rental Discount

We offer developers requisite funds for their proposed or ongoing construction projects across the life cycle of project development. We partner with developers & builders to support end to end project requirements of Residential and Commercial projects.

Customised solutions are offered by in-house, experience team of professionals with good understanding of the Industry. Our team of specialists will help you select the right product, the adequate loan amount, tenure, moratorium, repayment options depending on stage, status & nature of your proposed project and assist you in your requirements throughout this process.

We offer services like Construction Finance, Refinance, Inventory Funding, Lease Rental Discounting.

Loan Against Property is a secured loan availed against a commercial or residential property kept as collateral with the lender. As the funds come with no end usage restriction, borrowers can utilize the funds for various purposes like business expansion, wedding, child's education etc.

We offer loans against property that comes with a host of features and benefits like Maximum Loan to Value(LTV), Competitive and Affordable Rate of Interest,  Quick Disbursements, Flexible Tenor, Easy Balance Transfer Facility.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is a Term Loan offered against income-producing commercial assets/property. The LRD Loan works on the premise that your leased property derives fixed rent, which you can use as a ‘Collateral’ to generate funds, instantly.

We arrange Lease Rental Discounting Loan at attractive interest rates for  clients. The LRD Loan is offered on the discounted value of future rentals, as well as taking into consideration, the underlying value of the property. Borrowers can use the loan amount for personal use or invest it for business expansion.



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